How Do I Know If My Supplier from China is a Scammer?

How To Import Kit contains 11 Essential Verification Techniques to check whether your potential supplier in China or anywhere else in the world is a scammer or legitimate business. Today, we present to you an excerpt from the True Entrepreneur’s Guide to Importing Products from Abroad chapter 3 on Verifying Suppliers:

Phone Verification:

  • Check to see whether phone numbers provided are registered in the same city as the factory is located in. Ideally, the number is a land line, also called a “geographic number.” Some scammers may utilize VOIP or virtual phone numbers to seem as if they are located within a manufacturing area or country. For China, numbers beginning with the prefix +4470 or +4487 are forwarding numbers that are rarely used by legitimate Chinese companies. Review the Resource Guide for Verification Tools (part of How To Import Kit)to learn how to carry out phone number verification.
  • Call the actual number and talk to your point of contact, as well as at least one other employee. Keep repeating the word “English” on the phone until someone connects you to an English speaker.
  • Call the fax number and make sure you hear the appropriate dial tone.