Four Quick Things to Look For in Assessing the Quality of a Supplier from China

Part of assessing the quality of a supplier before you even reach the step of verification is seeing how they respond to your initial requests for information. Judging the following will help you in your assessment:

  • Promptness: How long did it take a salesperson to respond to your query?
  • Professionalism: Were you sent information along with an invitation to communicate further with any questions?
  • Communication: Were your questions actually answered, or were you simply provided with a list of prices or link to a website with generic details about the company?
  • Language: Did the supplier understand your informational requests and did you understand their response?

All of these factors are incredibly important to consider before forming a relationship with a supplier, as the importation process can take time and involve much back and forth. Whether you are negotiating terms, working on a new product design, or making several changes to an existing good, the process will turn into a unproductive use of capital and time if the supplier is slow, unable or unwilling to answer your questions, or simply unable to cross the language barrier.

Once a supplier successfully fits the above profile, it is time to begin the verification process. More information on verifying a supplier and how to import from China can be found on our main page.