August 13, 2012

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My Import from China Experience – The Creator of How To Import Kit

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Dear Future Importer,

How to Buy from China and Import Expert

David Elwood, China Import Export

I am David Elwood, author of the True Entrepreneur’s Guide to Importing Products from Abroad and creator of How To Import Kit. I am a veteran of the importing, wholesale, and sourcing process. Years of business experience in industries ranging from consumer products, home goods, and automotive accessories has taught me much about how to buy from China and import goods into the rest of the world.

Whether the goal is to buy goods wholesale and resell them in your home market or develop a brand new product idea with a manufacturer, I have done it all. I have also seen the enormous profit margins and profit potential that comes with importing goods from abroad.

I graduated from a top business school in the Eastern United States with degrees in Finance and Marketing. Though this education was excellent in helping me to develop strategy and marketing campaigns for established corporations and my own start-ups over the ensuing years, it was useless when it came to dealing with sourcing products from abroad.

A few years of:

  • trial and error
  • falling for scams
  • tons of mistakes and headaches
  • and blunders costing thousands upon thousands of dollars

led me to perfect a system for finding, vetting, and negotiating with suppliers in order to ensure that the best quality products were designed, produced, and sold in the most profitable way possible, while cutting out middlemen.

I have organized the lessons I have learned into a Simple 10 Step Process to Import from China in the True Entrepreneur’s Guide to Importing from Abroad. Besides the actionable information presented in this guide, I have also incorporated tools I have developed over the years in my own importing process into relevant supplements and resources available as part of How To Import Kit.

With the right information and tools, you can safely and profitably import from China.

All the best,

how to import from china

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How To Import Kit contains everything you need to begin importing a existing or new product from anywhere in the world. A combination of highly actionable information, strategies, tips, and secrets that import agencies do not want you to know combined with supplemental resources and tools will get you well on your way to successfully importing products.

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