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Contact Us & FAQ

I just placed my order – now what?

Thank you so much for your order! You should receive an email verifying receipt of payment within 1 business day. Within 1 business days we will send you your Kit via email.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We now offer our Kit in an all electronic version that should be delivered to you within 1 business day via email attachment. The information below pertains to Kit versions that were sold as physical copies:

Orders outside the U.S.:
It usually takes one week for an order to reacyh another nation after being shipped from the U.S., after which delivery time depends on your local postal service.

Orders inside the U.S.:
Your order should arrive within 8 business days.

What shipping service do you use?

We utilize the United States Postal Service (USPS) for all domestic and international orders.

What does the package contain?

The package contains:
1 welcome letter
1 copy of the True Entrepreneur’s Guide to Importing Products from Abroad
1 CD with all supplemental materials and tools and the Case Study Booklet if applicable

My package seems tampered with – what happened?

Oftentimes international orders are inspected by your local customs authority, who have the right to open and examine the package.

The USPS may also open and examine domestic orders to ensure compliance with various postal rules.

Where are orders shipped from?

We are based right outside of Washington, D.C. U.S.A.

If I need assistance how do I get in touch with you?

We are always happy to hear from you and help in any way possible! Please contact us via email: care [at] howtoimportkit [dot] com. A Customer Care Advocate will be in touch in 1 business day.

Contact Us

To contact us, drop a line to care [at] Our Customer Care Center is open Monday through Friday and we aim to respond to all inquiries in under 24 hours.