How To Import from China and Buy Wholesale from China

The 10 Step Guide | How to Import from China | Buy Wholesale from China

Import Agency Secrets and a 10 Step Guide for first time importers to Import Anything from Anywhere to Anywhere without middlemen

10 Steps to Import Goods and Buy Wholesale from China

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David Elwood (creator of this Kit) has broken down the process of importing goods from China and buying wholesale products from China into 10 Simple Steps. The outline of the steps below is an excerpt from the True Entrepreneur’s Guide to Importing from Abroad, and the supplements referenced are part of How To Import Kit.

    • Part 1: Identify (Finding Suppliers)
      • Understanding the different types of suppliers and what to look for
      • All the ways you can find a supplier, with pros and cons of each
      • How you can find suppliers on your own and cut out middlemen
    • Part 2: Connect (Reaching Out)
      • How to gain credibility and look like a legitimate buyer
      • How to receive big buyer treatment while being a little guy
      • How to weed out good suppliers from those that are a waste of your time
      • Supplement: How to Video for Efficiently Dealing with Suppliers w/ short step by step walk through of process
      • Supplement: Supplier Contact and Interview Templates
      • Supplement: Appropriate sections from Case Study Booklet
  • Part 3: Verify (Verification Process)

  • Avoiding Scammers 101
  • The 11 Absolutely Necessary Verification Techniques to Utilize without having feet on the ground
  • Best Price Practice: Differentiating Trading Houses from Manufacturers
  • Supplement: Resource Guide for Verification Tools
  • Supplement: Appropriate sections from Case Study Booklet
  • Part 4: Initiate (Manufacturing Process Begins)
    • Capabilities Testing
    • Samples and Product in Hand
    • Course of Action for brand new product ideas
    • Smarter Prototyping: making new ideas into reality efficiently
    • Supplement: Appropriate sections from Case Study Booklet
  • Part 5: Cover (Putting Your Legal House in Order)
    • Overview of Risks
    • Framework of Law Abroad
    • Court Action vs. Arbitration
    • Protecting Intellectual Property
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and why they are not nearly enough
    • The NNN Agreement: What is it and why you need it
    • Overview of Manufacturing Agreement
    • Trademark Worries, Brand Risk, and Mitigation
    • Enforceability
  • Part 6: Three Pillar Negotiator Process (Maximizing Margin)
  • Tried, tested, and a personal secret to my own success. These three negotiating techniques when combined together help to ensure you get the best price possible from a supplier, and have saved me thousands of dollars during negotiations in the past year alone.

    • Part 7: Graduated Order Process (Maximizing Quality)

    Proven to reduce risk and ensure higher quality of imported goods, this order process has saved me from making large orders with bad suppliers many times in the past.

    • Part 8: Ship (Dealing with Logistics)
      • Air, Land, Sea – which one for me?
      • Understanding the language of shipping
      • Costs, Terms, and How To Move Product
    • Part 9: Compliance (Customs and Regulations)
      • Overview of Customs Requirements
      • Understanding Government Regulations
      • Understanding Industry Standards
      • Best way to deal with Customs
      • Major regulations to bear in mind
      • Supplement: Launchpad Guide to Customs and Regulations
      • Supplement: Costing Module
      • Supplement: Margin Module
    • Part 10: Grow! (Scaling Up)
      • Handing Supply Side Risk going forward
      • Dealing with Demand Side Risk

    As well as a few final reminders and words of wisdom to follow on your road to success.

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    Types of Suppliers You Can Buy Wholesale and Import From

    (The following is a shortened preview of Chapter 1 from the True Entrepreneur’s Guide to Importing Products from Abroad)

    The first step in our process of importing goods from abroad is actually finding someone to import from! Once you have an idea of what types of suppliers exist, the best kind to go with, and how you can reach them, you will be ready for the next step. There are essentially three different types of suppliers, and three main ways to get in touch with any of them.

    Distributors, Trading Companies, and Manufacturers

    Distributors, also known as wholesalers and in some industries brokers, often have exclusive or semi-exclusive relationships with several different manufacturers. Distributors tend to focus on certain product niches or markets. This focus can be as small as “various stainless steel kitchen knives” to “everything a mini-market needs to stock.” Distributors have no control over the manufacturing of goods or any capability to manufacture existing products, create new products, or private label lines that they carry.

    Distributors directly source their goods from manufacturers, mark up the price, then sell to retailers who finally sell to the end consumer. A distributor will usually have large inventories of the products they deal with ready to go in their warehouses. This allows them to take advantage of economies of scale and receive lower prices from manufacturers.

    A distributor is a middleman between you and the manufacturer. Remember, the more middlemen between you and a manufacturer, the more you are paying and the less profit you can potentially make. More middlemen also mean less control and protection over your designs, product quality, and proprietary information.

    Trading Companies also act as middlemen between buyers and sellers, which can include distributors on both ends and of course manufacturers with goods to sell. Trading companies tend to have much less focus, and thus less expertise, in the types of products they deal in. While distributors will often have goods on hand in their warehouse ready to ship to customers, trading companies mainly link any request they can get with a network of manufacturers and other suppliers they already know.

    This can mean taking your order for new goods, for example soccer shoes, then adding a mark-up, having a manufacturer make the shoes, and send them to you with you none the wiser. It can also mean taking your order for soccer shoes and finding the cheapest source they can to maximize their own profit, whether it be buying slightly defective batches of shoes from a factory, finding a low quality, sub-par manufacturer to produce your shoes, or buying excess inventory from another retailer to sell to you. Trading companies are more transaction driven than interested in specializing in various product types or niches.

    Manufacturers are the ones who own the factories, understand the products, can provide private label goods (also referred to as OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer services) and are who you want to be talking to. Dealing directly with manufacturers ensures you get the best possible price because there is no one standing between you and them. Once you have followed the other techniques and strategies found in this Kit to find the best manufacturer possible for your product, you can also ensure the highest quality and maximum control over your product and intellectual property.

    Ways to Get in Touch

    There are 3 main ways to get in touch with any type of supplier…(for the full length chapter, see below.)

    Free Guide on How to Find Suppliers and Get in Contact

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    How To Import Kit – Everything You Need to Succeed at Importing without Costly Middlemen

    Facts About Importinghow to import from China

    • You can profitably import on your own without expensive consultants or import agency fees
    • Importing is not as hard or risky as it seems when you have the right tools
    • This Kit is not just actionable information – it is valuable tools and resources to let you get started TODAY on achieving your dreams


    The 5 Things You Need to Know About this Kit

    1. Real. Actionable. Knowledge. – This is the only set of tools and info that teaches you how to import on your own step-by-step, not try and sell you additional consulting or import agency services. Learn everything from beginning the manufacturing process with a supplier to covering all legal, shipping, customs, and compliance aspects of importing your new or existing product from abroad.

    2. Maximized Profit Potential – You will discover how to find suppliers and how to negotiate with them – not just how to say hello and be fed a bad price.

    3. Secrets Revealed – Uncover secrets that import agencies want to hide of how to verify suppliers and deal with real manufacturers to get the best price without having feet on the ground. Do your own due diligence instead of paying someone else thousands of dollars in commissions every time you place an order.

    4. Protect Yourself with Ease – Utilize the strategies and tools provided within this Kit to ensure you are not dealing with scammers and that you are only importing the best quality products.

    5. No Risk to Try – Take your time to try out the information and tools contained within this Kit with our 2 month money back guarantee.

    A Step-by-Step Guide and Toolkit to Profitably Import from Abroad without Middlemen

    How To Import Kit includes indispensable information you need to arm yourself with in order to crush the import and sourcing process from anywhere in the world! It doesn’t matter if you are importing from China to the USA, India to Europe, Vietnam to Dubai, or anything in between! Discover how to:

    Safely Find Suppliers and Manage Legal, Compliance, Customs, and Transportation Aspects of Importing

    • How to NOT get scammed when dealing with any type of supplier
    • The 11 ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY verification techniques you need to avoid fraud when dealing with suppliers without having feet on the ground
    • Step by step guide to using the above techniques for finding and vetting suppliers on your own, saving you thousands in commissions that would otherwise go to an import agency
    • How to protect your INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (IP) – here is a hint, a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is not nearly enough!
    • What you NEED to make sure you are covered in all legal aspects of dealing with a supplier
    • How to understand the language of Logistics and Shipping
    • Where to begin to figure out your own Customs situation – everyone is unique

    And Make Sustainable, Growing Profits

    • How to get your NEW PRODUCT IDEA manufactured in the safest and most efficient way
    • How to make sure you are working with a manufacturer and not a trading company to get the best price
    • How to gain credibility with suppliers even if you have no operating company or business experience
    • My time tested Three Pillar Negotiator Process to maximize your margins and reduce back and forth with Suppliers
    • My Graduated Order Process to ensure only the highest quality products are produced and that you don’t get burned!

    The absolute treasure found within the How to Import Kit is my time tested Three Pillar Negotiator Process to improve margins and reduce back and forth with suppliers. These incredibly effective negotiation techniques combined with my Graduated Order Process will ensure high quality product from your suppliers and do the most to reduce your risk and maximize your profit! These two techniques have been the secret to my personal success.

    Additional Tools and Resources

    But there’s more. This Kit does not just contain the step-by-step guide jam packed with actionable information True Entrepreneur’s Guide to Importing Products from Abroad. You will also receive the following tools:

    • Costing Worksheet (Microsoft Excel compatible) to allow you to quickly and efficiently figure out your Landed Product Cost
    • Margin Module Worksheet Add-On to help you figure out your profit potential
    • Resources Guide to allow you to exercise all of the verification techniques you will learn
    • Launchpad Guide to help you figure out your specific customs situation
    • Short and to the Point How To Video to efficiently contact many suppliers at once while piquing interest and getting suppliers hungry for your business
    • Supplier Contact Template to get you started! This is the same template I use in all of my importing.

    Special Bonuses Available for a Limited Time

    1) FREE SHIPPING in the USA (all 50 states), $10 SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

    2) FREE CASE STUDY BOOKLET (valued at $45 – while supplies last only!)

    import from china to usaThese are not generic stories with happy endings. I am showing you real email chains, real initial supplier catalogs, real supplier verification documents, and real invoices and price quotes from manufacturers in China from one of my investment company’s own recent product line exploration.

    This legitimate back and forth will allow you to get a further feel for the process before starting out on your own and applying all the techniques you have learned.


    Testimonials of the Moment

    Dear Mr. Elwood,

    I cannot thank you enough for putting the information you gained through years of hard work and more so the tools you actually use in your day to day importing into this product, instead of holding them back and charging outrageous ongoing consulting fees. I followed your 10 Step Import from China Process and took advantage of every single supplement provided. One month later, my –censored by request– product is en route from Shenzhen, China to me and I am excited to begin marketing (as soon as my patent application is approved)! Before trying to bring my brand new product idea to market, I spoke to a few import agencies. Looking back at the quotes they gave me now, your product and tools saved me $6,500 alone on this first order. Not to mention, I was far more comfortable sharing my new product designs directly with a factory I verified on my own instead of going through a series of middlemen. It isn’t very often I find a product that makes me feel I got way, way more than I paid for, or something that makes me sit down to write a letter. Keep up the good work!

    J.M. Keeney

    Dear How To Import Kit Customer Care,

    I just wanted to write to say how pleased I am with your product and how impressed I was by the supplements and Case Study Booklet. I thought starting my own line of children’s clothing would be much harder than this, especially in my spare time. Your Kit saved me countless hours of research and a world of pain. I am working on opening a eBay store now  where I can test out new design ideas before approaching some local stores to carry my new line. Following along in the True Entrepreneur’s Guide made finding suppliers and getting my product to market almost a breeze. The step by step instructions and helpful example from the Case Study Booklet really pushed me to move from tinkering with this idea into turning it into reality. Thanks again!

    Founder, LT&S BRAND Clothes

    Take Advantage of How To Import Kit’s Step-by-Step Guide and Resources, Strategies, and Tools – with NO RISK TO TRY.

    The How to Import Kit comes with 2 unique guarantees:
    how to buy from china

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    import from china
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    All that is standing between you and your future success is $99.99 – a TINY FRACTION of the thousands of dollars you could lose by not learning from my mistakes, and a FRACTION of the tens of thousands you would have to pay in commissions for an import agent to act as a middleman.

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